First Draft of sequel done and half way to my sales goal.

I've now completed the first draft of the sequel to Dream Job. I'd like to get it out by late February/Early March, but there is a fair amount of revision required. My next incremental goal is to complete my chapter summary/pacing review by the 10th of November. On a positive note, I'm now up to 50 paid sales equivalent (taking into account Kindle Unlimited page reads). I'm not sure that I'll ever make 100, as the rate has tapered off, but I'm still pretty proud of that. Thanks to everyone that has purchased a copy of Dream Job.

Giveaway complete and a lesson learned

I recently ran a Good Reads giveaway to see if I could generate some additional interest around Dream Job. In the end I got 1150 entrants, a very respectable number for a self published first time author. However, even having discounted my book to $.99, I only generated 3 additional sales. Therefore, overall, I came out about $50 down. I am actually going to run another giveaway in about a month, just to see what happens if I only put up 1 book instead of 5. I'm guessing that it won't make any difference to the number of entrants.

And so it begins...

Dream Job has been approved for sale on Amazon in both paperback and e-book formats. I have two sales goals - first I'd like to get 100 units moved, second I'd like to make my money from getting editing and a cover done. Fingers crossed.

Final version of Dream Job submitted

I've spent the last month reading and editing the proof version of Dream Job. I've now submitted the updated manuscript, and I'm hoping that it is approved for publishing tomorrow. If it is, then I'm going to put this up for sale over the weekend. That will bring an approximately 27 month journey to completion. But don't worry, the first draft of the sequel is 2/3rds complete, and I'll be free now to focus on completing it.

Created a website

All of the advice that I've gotten from other writers is that it is key to have a good online presence. Unfortunately the last webpage I created was on angelfire in about 2003. I decided to go with a multi-page approach. I managed to bang out a couple pages of Dream Girl last night, which is good, as distribution of ARCs of Dream Jobs has been eating up my writing time recently.