Easter break-out

I’ve used the four day Easter break to get Dreamonologist ready for publishing. I have to admit that Kindle Create is a fantastic tool for getting the books formatted, and it saved me about 4 hours of formatting and messing about that I usually need to spend getting the book prepped. This time, I’ve even managed to add in those big letters at the beginning of each chapter. Looks great. Looks professional. Looks like I’ll be using that tool again.

I didn’t go anywhere far this weekend, as we went to Jersey last weekend. Not New Jersey, but Original Jersey. This point confused the Be-jeesus out of a number of people back in the States. Still, a beautiful place, although I spent most of the time ill. The most notable thing was that I didn’t take my laptop along. Besides jotting down a few notes, I didn’t do any writing for 2 days. That’s the first time I’ve went two days without doing any writing for about 5 years. Yikes.