A bit of content, and a bit of contemplation

I think that anyone who wants to write needs to read. To that end, I read at least a book a week, largely thanks to a couple hours a day on the London Underground. I’ve watched too many people waste money on bad books, so I’m going to start tweeting out ten word reviews of each book that I finish.

Speaking of the London Underground, I had a shocking experience yesterday. I walked down the platform to where I usually get my train, but had to stop short as there were paramedics doing CPR on a woman on the platform. During the time that I was waiting, they gave up on CPR, tried a defibrillator, and gave up on that too. Amazing that the platform stayed open while that happened, and I felt so bad for that woman and her family. The thing that surprised me was how little dignity she had left as the train just rolled callously by. :(