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August 26th 2019 - So, the Dreamonologist launched has come and gone. The sales were better than I feared, but not as good as I would have hoped. Let’s just say that I’ll be sticking with the day job for now. I’m currently working on book number four, tentatively titled “The Silent Child.” I’m about 220 pages into the first draft, and it feels very much like a first draft. There are plenty of plot holes, a few contradictions, and a handful of dead ends. They’ll all get worked out over the next year or so I’m sure. It’s about 95 degrees, and we have no air conditioning, so I’m telling myself that the first draft is the fun part while I try not to literally melt into a puddle. I think I’ll go have an icecream.


The Nightmare Maker - Book two of the Dreamwalker Chronicles

Julian Adler is a husband, a father, and London's only Dreamwatcher, putting his magic and steel between the city's sleepers and their most terrifying nightmares. Now one of those nightmares has taken his wife away to unimaginable torments in another dimension—and Julian has vowed to get her back.
Spending his nights casting spells to find his wife and his days raising their daughter, Julian has abandoned his duty to protect the city. But when a serial killer nicknamed the Anarchist starts using dream-magic to butcher bankers in their beds, Julian can't ignore the corpses. Soon, supernatural detectives, secret societies, and the priests of forgotten gods are promising to help Julian get his wife back—if he can stop the murders.
Who should Julian trust? If he can't find his wife, why does everyone think that he can stop the killer? Fortunately, the fate of the world doesn't depend on his success…or does it?

Dream Job - the debut Urban Fantasy novel from Gregory Pettit

Meet Julian Adler, twenty-something, married, and London's one-and-only Dreamwalker. Striding through the Dreamscape, he battles the worst monsters that a sleeping metropolis can imagine, but flinging fire and swinging steel he makes them burn and bleed.
Slaying imaginary monsters doesn't pay very well though, so Julian spends his days at an ordinary office job. Ordinary that is, until a beautiful witch walks through his office door and tries to put a spell on him. When the spell goes wrong, an eldritch horror is unleashed into the real world, bodies start to pile up, and Julian's magic is the only thing that might be able to send it, shrieking, back into oblivion. 
Can Julian find a way to lure the demon back to the Dreamscape, or will it drag his family, his city, and the entire world into a nightmare that never ends?